May 29, 2008


Well today is Tristan's graduation day from 5th grade. I really can't believe he is already graduating. He is such a sweet boy and growing into a wonderful young man. I don't miss those days of diapering, nursing, diapering, sleeping, diapering, nursing, etc. He has passed his TAKS, done pretty good in classes and not had a bad week at school in a really long time. He really enjoys outside activities like fishing, fishing, and fishing some more, then shooting, shooting, and shooting some more. He also enjoys art and trying to make his brother scream at him--love that sibling rivalry. Good luck Tristan in Middle School! Love ya, Mommy

Also, today is the day that my mom left for South Korea again after being here in the states for 5 months, the longest she has been here in 4 years. They have been an interesting, learning time.

May 25, 2008

Memorial Weekend

It's Memorial Day Weekend and we've had fun. Travis and I celebrated our 21st anniversary on Friday by going to The Keg for dinner! It was so yummy! Travis had New York strip steak and I had a sirloin and crab legs. They were so good, we highly recommend going there for great steak. We can't believe it has been 21 years together, it seems like yesterday we were getting married, buying our first car and moving to San Diego.

We've now been married more than half our lives. WOW!

Saturday we took a drive to Gun Barrel City, then went over to Katrina and Vickie's house to BBQ and swim. The boys are natural fish swimmers. Here's Clay doing a dive:

He is so fun in the pool. Loves going down slides and doing flips, handstands,etc. Tristan loves just swimming and flipping around in the water. Slides are good fun, but swimming is better.

Thanks to all those men and women who gave their lives so that we might have the opportunity to have a free life.

May 21, 2008

A Job!!!

Well, I had my interview on Friday at 4:00pm. I thought it went great, that they liked all my answers and I would hear something by Monday......well....I didn't hear on Monday, I talked to the Science Dept Chair, she said for her I was a go, but the principal would have to tell me, so I subbed there again on Tuesday and at 2:30 he stops by my room and says, "Hey, you're here, will you check with me out on the student porch after school?" I was so nervous! Anyway, he said "well, I'm going to recommend you to HR, you're in for the Fall teaching 7th grade Science!" I was so happy, I almost hugged him, but I just said Thank you very much! So now I'll have to think Science, Science, Science! If you have any cool Science things that you're not using, send them on...... More later....... Summer's coming!

May 17, 2008

This week as gone by so fast it seems. School is almost out and the boys can't wait for summer to be here. Clay and I went to the Dallas zoo on Thursday with his first grade class. We had a great time seeing all the new animals and enclosures they have. We all agree that the elephant, giraffe, hippo enclosure needs to be redone to be more natural. I really miss the San Diego Wild Animal Park with all the animals roaming together, getting along and more "free". All the little girls in Clay's class wanted to be in his group cause he is sooooo cute! I had to work overtime trying to keep them from touching him all the time!
Thursday night Travis and I went with Katrina and Vickie to see Rev. Horton Heat and Backyard Tire Fire at the House of Blues in Dallas. We had such a good time. RHH was awesome and BTF was pretty good too! We stayed pretty late(11:30) and The Rev wasn't done- maybe next time we can stay til the end.
Friday, I had an interview for a science position and I thought it went really well. The questions that the principal and asst asked were ones that I didn't even stumble on.....just answered the question with no "ums, likes, ands, etc". Then Tristan and Travis left for a canoeing Boy Scout camping trip down the Guadalupe! I hope they are doing just awesome! Pray that Travis has a positive time with the boys. My Saturday was full with Cub Scout Day camp training, two birthday parties, and just Saturday stuff to do- laundry, yard, groceries, misc. errands that I don't have time for during the week. We also got a new guinea pig friend. Her name is Buttercup Bacon Carpenter, of course Clay named her. He likes those long names. I suggested Reeses Peanut Butter Cup with Bacon and Biscuits Carpenter, but he didn't go for that one! :) Well, Becka and Molly really liked her, wanted to really smell her hard, but she was safe.
Ok, time for bed----have a wonderful week! Jesus loves you!

May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was really great for me. We had a whole weekend of fun. On Saturday we went down to Dallas Market Hall for the Boy Scout Show. Clay's favorite thing was the zip line and Tristan loved the snakes.
Clay had a gymnastics show on Sat night and he did awesome as usual.
On Sunday, my hubby gave me a beautiful necklace that my friend Heather made, Tristan and Clay gave me a bow so that I can shoot with them now. Yes, we do shoot both bows and guns. After church we came home and relaxed for a few hours and then went to Genghis Grill with my mom, Trav's mom and dad, and Katrina and Vicky. The food and friends and family was great, but service was not so great.
Anyway, we came home and had a pinata and cake
for Katrina's birthday! Everyone got a chance to
hit the pinata, and some of us had some really good hits! It was fun!
God has really blessed me with a wonderful husband and two handsome sons, family and friends. It amazes me all the time how God works in our lives even if we don't think about Him all the time.

May 8, 2008

Another day

Well, another day goes by. A day of getting lunches made, dogs, cats, birds, turtle fed, coffee made, boys up and ready for school, kiss for hubby to work, off to two elementary schools and me to subbing at one of my favorite schools, dealing with all the hoopla of being a sub, having an appreciation gift from a kid at school, working out, making Tristan do his homework then Clay do his, getting dinner started, finding out from Mom that she'll be going back to South Korea, writing a recommendation for my friend Katrina, finally eating dinner, watching my favorite reality "Survivor" and wondering how stupid you have to be to believe 4 women that are after your immunity and giving it up to one of them and thinking you're not going to be voted off!, watching another favorite "CSI" and all the hilarious comments!, letting the dogs out to potty, putting the boys to bed and another load of laundry-does it ever end?, then the end of "Lost", and now blogging. I need to go to bed.......maybe some quiet time with the hubby and then bed.....

May 7, 2008

Birthday, jury duty and more!

Travis' birthday went well. We had friends and family over for burgers and dogs and lots of other munchies, even homemade ice cream! Yum! A good time was had by all. Here is Travis with Molly, she wanted to see what all the fuss about turning 41 was about. She is always so curious about things.

On Sunday after church we went to a RoughRiders baseball game. That was fun even though we all got a little sun. Clay really wanted to catch a foul ball, but none came close :(
Our seats were pretty good, and there were people we knew behind us.
Monday is scout night for me and Clay. We are decorating the bowling pins for the Scout show on Saturday. It's a huge deal at Dallas Market Hall, about 150-200 packs and troops from all over come and show their stuff. Today, Wednesday, I had jury duty for Plano, and actually got picked for a Class 1 Misdemeanor trial! This older man got caught speeding with no license and he thought he was innocent! He defended himself and really was pretty clueless. He should have just paid the fine, but he wanted other people to feel sorry for him. I did feel for him, but he was still guilty of driving without a license and speeding!
That's it for now, talk to ya later!

May 1, 2008

I totally forgot earlier that today was Travis' birthday! We had lasagna and peanut butter cookies! He got a new awesome grill, but it took us over 2 hours to put it together! He loves it though. As we were getting dinner ready Clay was outside doing his tricks on his scooter and guess what? He wrecked! It was a pretty bad one, road rash all up his right side from hip to armpit-ouch! When I figure out how to add a picture I'll put one in. For now, it's late and I got to get some sleep..........

Here are my awesome boys!

We went to the park yesterday after school and took pics for my Mother's day gift. It was a beautiful day, little windy, but sunny and warm.

This is a poem that Tristan wrote:

Love is something that you spread,
not hate, throw away or get rid of.
You give it to people, like when
you love someone, like a girlfriend or boyfriend.
You give it, not throw it away.

I thought that was really good for an 11year old. He thinks he is almost a teenager, but he still has a year to go! He is my fisherman, shooterman, lover of the outdoors! I love both my boys so much! Clay is so active and happy. He loves to ride his bike, skateboard and scooter, loves doing tricks on them! He's getting better and better! Later :)

My first one

Well, this is my first blog. We'll see how often, and how cool I can make it.