October 26, 2008

fun weekend and some other happenings

Here are some pics from Cuboree. Clay and I went camping at Camp Wisdom and did lots of fun stuff. First of course was the Rocket space playground. A huge habitrail for kids. Of course Clay wanted to do swinging and flipping, some parents didn't like that idea.....Here's our camp area with Joe. Fun cedar trees to climb in.....

There were lots of totem poles around, this is just one of them......A cool old airplane to play around in...Clay loved jumping off the wing...again some parents didn't like that......he always seems to scare people when he does his jumping thing.....

We had a great time with all the crafts and bb guns and archery. They had a pirate ship with water balls to throw at everyone, a castle with a maze, and a nature center with a 10 foot Burmese python-which was eating two guinea pigs when we went up there :( We had a campfire that the boys did a skit in and then smores--yum!

Here is Tristan at his first orchestra concert. He plays the viola and is really doing well and likes it! He also made the A/B honor roll for the first 6 weeks of school! We are very proud of him and know he can make the good grades.

Here's one of our furry friends that live on our creek. They love to come up and eat the cat food and the bird food. Don't know why, but they like it. Isn't he cute? Ok, have a great week!