September 27, 2008

Long overdue

Plano Balloon festival pics.........Clay and I rode down on our bikes and got to see a few balloons. These are our favs.
Yes, it has been a while since I last wrote. I have been so busy with work and cub scouts, gymnastics for Clay, training, training and more training for work and scouts. I am usually so tired on Saturdays after grading papers and doing the home thing. There's always something to clean up, wash, vaccuum, feed, sew, all those things a mom does without thinking. Teaching is going pretty good. I've finally learned 155 students names, who cares about grades and who really doesn't, who likes who, and what to do when they are just driving me crazy! It has been a realy learning experience. I have doubted my teaching skills and then been told that I'm the BEST teacher. What do you do?
The boys are doing good in school. Tristan is enjoying 6th grade, loves his Exploratory classes the most (Theater, Spanish and Life Skills), and Orchestra second. He can actually make some good noises with his Viola. Clay loves his teacher. He was a Music teacher before becoming a 2nd grade teacher and brings instruments to class, that's Clay's favorite time. Ok, have a great week, I'll try to update next week.
Anyone want to buy Boy Scout Popcorn? Gotta sell it--let me know if it's your favorite!