August 2, 2008

Wow, a week already!

It has been a week since I wrote anything, not much going on here at the house, but here are a few things that we did do.....
--We made an awesome Leek and Potato soup and I didn't think to take pics until we ate it all. The boys ate it and didn't complain cause it was soup and there wasn't any meat in it. I'll try to remember to take pics next time. If anyone wants the recipe, let me know.
--We did a lot of playing this week. Going on bike rides to the pond/park nearby, going fishing, lego's, lego's, lego's, and we didn't go swimming at all! Amazing! Since we all have rec memberships now it doesn't cost us anything to go to the pools. I take snacks and drinks so the boys are happy.
--I got to finish two books this week, Jodi Picoult and Luanne Rice are really great authors if you like good books.
--I went up to my new classroom and tried to get it organized and put up posters, bones, little things to make it "my" room. The animals will go later, Comet the corn snake, Quentin the Tarantula, and Emmitt the pacman frog. I'm trying to think of something else, but can't think what. Clay went and helped one day and discovered roller chair racing. he loved riding up and down the hallways when there is no one around!
--We head to New Braunfels tomorrow to go to the Schlitterbahn! Woo--Hoo!
So, more things next week, have fun!


Rhea said...

Sounds like a busy week with lots of playing!! :o)

Perez Family Spot said...

Can't wait to see Schlitterbahn pics!!

Jules said...

Just doing a fly by hi! Wow! It sounds like you had your hands full this week.

Live.Love.Eat said...

All the family get together pics look awesome. I would love the leek & potato soup recipe. I used leeks once before & really liked them. And potatoes, well, they're my fav so can't go wrong with this one.