August 24, 2008

my animals

I thought I would post some pics of my animals. It was fun to take interesting pics of them. Two of my cats weren't as photogenic as my oldest one. So, here's Becka Lee our English Mastiff.

Here's our Molly Sue, chihuahua( Mexican cat terrier). Travis calls her that cause she has many cat like behaviors.Here's Rosie, 14 year old tortie(that's a color) kitty. I gave her CPR when she was a kitten. I found her on the street as I was riding my bike home from work(vet's office) and she has stayed with me every since.This is Oddball, he's just a kitty, but his brother is the kitty below with Molly. Quite the difference!Cosmo with Molly. He has such beautiful blue eyes, but kept closing them when I would take his pic.Our guinea pig, Buttercup. Very friendly and squeals with delight over alfalfa hay.Quentin the tarantula, going to my science class.Comet the corn snake, going to my class also. His eyes are blue because he is about to molt.Oscarina the tortoise. She really has a personality. Comes out when you talk to her..Red the Betta. I know original name, but Clay named him. We also have a Pac man frog that is at science class already. Forgot to take a pic of him. We have had just about any pet you could name except a ferret(too stinky for me), so if you have questions, let me know. Have a great week! We all start school tomorrow, so I know we will have a great week!



great pics but you're missing some...where are the birds? and other fish??

Anonymous said...

You have a guinea pig???!!! M. asks for one all the time!!! Must discuss :).

Just A Girl And Her Craftsman said...

Molly looks like my son JJ??? WOW. Check out my photos of Captain JJ if you get a chance. He is a mix of some kind? We rescued him.