August 6, 2008


We had a great time at the Schlitterbahn! We went on many, many tubing rides, slides and wave pools! We also had a history lesson going and coming back from New Braunfels, more pics and etc later.
Today the boys and I had dentist appointments. We love our dentist, but I can't stand it when they use that gritty stuff to polish your teeth! It feels so gross! I don't mind the machine sound or even the scraping off of huge plaque pieces, but the gritty stuff I could do without! Clay has one cavity-upper tooth, Tristan has two cavities-lower teeth and I have a space between my tooth and an old filling and need a crown on a tooth. So next week before school starts will be full of dentist time. YUCK! I know we need to do it, but who wants to spend time in the dentist chair? You're laid back with a light in your eyes, mouth open, lips getting cracked, trying to remember to move your tongue to the opposite side, but forgetting and thinking "Do they notice your tongue is moving all over", giggling, knowing they can't ask you a question cause you can't talk, thinking "Will they find that piece of beef jerky you lost in your back tooth and can't get it out? Or the popcorn you had last night and wow, here comes a kernal?" Hee, Hee! Ok, back to the grind of a house and two boys. Laundry, laundry, feed the animals that the hubby tried to feed while we were gone, but really didn't, groceries, cleaning(?), play a little.........catch up on blogs!

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Perez Family Spot said...

2 boys and laundry...I feel ya sister! I need to catch up on blogs too!!