August 9, 2008


This is a little late due to the AC going out upstairs where I have my computer and it was two days before it was fixed! Can you say "wow, 98 degrees in the house?!" Anyway, here are some pics.....So, we stopped in the state capitol(Austin) and took a look around. It was pretty cool. This is the floor and then the rotunda from the inside.Here's Tristan in the first of many lazy rivers. It was hard to take pics cause they would go by so fast, no, it wasn't very "lazy", and I didn't take a waterproof camera, so I was kinda stuck at how far I could take it. Schlitterbahn is HUGE! And if you are riding a tube thing, there's not much else you can do.

This was our first time to see Reece. She's 4 months old and quite the cutie!Here are Cade-4&1/2, Payton-7 and Clay(the weird face)-7. They had fun playing in the many pools all around.

Clay and Payton finishing a cool boogie board slide coming down about 4 stories high. They wanted to go again and again!

Here's all the kids. This was the first time they were all together. Reece and Tristan, Cade, Clay and Payton. All with Nana...And of course we had to go down to the Alamo(San Antonio) and see that. Then we went over to the Wax looks kinda real--is it Tom Hanks? Tristan was trying to steal the box of chocolates!

We had a grand time. If you plan to go to the Schlitterbahn make sure you have two days to do all the rides, there are two parts to it and the West side has more stuff to do, the East side has some cool rides but it takes hours and hours standing in line for the slides, so be prepared! Have fun!


Chickie said...

I would try to take the chocolates too!

Perez Family Spot said...

How cute is Tristan holding that sweet little baby girl!! He's gonna be a great daddy one day. Looks like ya'll had fun. 98 DEGREES?!?! Wow, I can't even go water my flowers it's too hot. Glad it rained tonight!